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About Ometrics

Ometrics is a technology company that focuses on increasing profits for clients. With every client interaction and creation of our SaaS products, our main focus lies in increasing conversions and profitability for our clients. Ometrics LLC is located in Evergreen, Colorado USA.

Ometrics SaaS

Ometrics emerged from the frustration of having to use too many conversion rate optimization tool sites to manage our business…so we combined them into one service. The initial tools offered were heat and click maps, A/B testing tools, offer and lead slider and tabs, funnel metrics, surveys, and popups. In 2017 Ometrics launched its AI chatbot, Ochatbot. Ochatbot’s exceptional performance led to the decision to phase out some of our tools.  

Ochatbot is the best eCommerce AI chatbot. Equipped with a support and lead generation system via multiple AI systems, Ochatbot helps businesses increase revenue, decrease support tickets, gain unique customer insights, and gather leads, all from one chatbot interface. Moreover, Ochatbot seamlessly integrates with a comprehensive array of eCommerce and web hosting platforms, ensuring an easy and efficient solution for businesses. 

Ometrics Consulting specializes in three areas:

  • Conversion rate optimization consulting from A/B testing to conversion analytics analysis
  • AI Chatbot and AI Business Analysis
  • ADA and WCAG compliance audits, testing, and recommendations

Ometrics has decades of conversion optimization testing experience allowing us to apply what we learn to your site or landing page for faster results. Learn more at and

You can follow Ometrics on Instagram @ochatbot Twitter @ometricsLinkedInFacebook and Conversion Rate Optimization Network on Linkedin.

Ometrics LLC is located in Evergreen, Colorado USA.



Happy Customers…

“Greg Ahern has been a valuable partner to SmartSearch Marketing. Through landing page testing and website CRO programs he has played a central role in improving clients’ online engagement, conversion, and bottom line business results.”
Patricia Hursh

VP Client Delivery, SmartSearch Marketing

“Greg’s one of those guys with a built-in sense of efficiency and usability. He speaks in short clear sentences, and after consulting with him our eComm biz did the same with significant increases in conversions.”
Jeremy Steinman

Digital Director, The Snorkel Store

“Greg has a tremendous breadth of digital marketing experience. Greg consulted on optimization strategy and launched a series of trial and purchase funnel A/B tests that led to higher conversion. I would recommend Greg to any organization seeking to improve its digital marketing performance or launch new digital initiatives. He’s the rare marketer with a solid technical background, analytical mind, and instinct for innovation.”
Matt Davidson

Head of Web Strategy, Wowza Media Systems

“Any CRO consultant can suggest “best practice” improvements to bump up conversion rates a few percentage points, but Greg Ahern fully understands how to dive deep into site behavior to pull out your site’s true value.”
Justin Coons

SEO & CRO Manager, Clicks and Clients